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Hekate's Torch

To any and all who have been following my hit and miss attempts at blogging here, I'm just making it known that I'll be moving Where Three Roads Meet to a new home, to continue what I started here - a full fresh start.

To those interested, you will now be able to find all my musings regarding Hekate over at:

Hail Hekate!

Hekate's Wheel

Just a quick off topic post to get back into the swing of things in posting to this journal. In the past I got a bit side-tracked and didn't get the chance to post some things I would have liked (such as the start of my devotional Hekate tattoo) but that's going to change for a number of reasons.

Firstly and most importantly is the more intense connection that I've been developing to Hekate and to other devotees of the Goddess of the Crossroads in recent months; all this culminating in the debut of the Covenant of Hekate, a group that I will be applying for membership - yet another step towards strengthening and deepening my relationshipwth Hekate.

So I will be back - much more regularly I hope/plan - with lots more posts of anything and everything Hekatean in my life. So for anyone reading, I hope you'll enjoy it!

Opening the way to the Path of Hecate - a conversation with Mark Allan Smith
Hekate's Wheel
This sounds like an interesting listen...

Hekate's Deipnon
Hekate&#39;s Wheel

Yesterday was Hekate’s Deipnon, which takes place during the dark phase of the moon: the end of the lunar month. At the darkest part of the month, we prepare our homes for the transition to a new month. Hekate's Deipnon is a time of purification of self, home and affairs. 

So from midnight on the 12th June I began a fast, consuming only herbal teas for the whole day. During the course of the day I carried out a number of activities to keep my mind fixed on Hekate. 

Firstly I spent time reading some more of the wonderful Hekate: Her Sacred Fires. Then I carried out a colouring-meditative exercise, using a line picture from the Mythic Tarot Workbook which depicts Hekate as the Moon in the Major Arcana. I just let my mind wander and choose colours as they occurred to me until the piece was completed. 

Afterwards, I decided to compose the poem I posted last night then read and meditated some more.  

As the evening drew in, I cleared my shrine to Hekate and reassembled it, placing the coloured image I completed earlier in the day in a frame. I then lit a stick of Nag Champa Midnight incense and then showered. 

Once I was showered, I gathered together my offerings and then changed into my ritual clothing. I decided to follow the script to the Rite of Her Sacred Fires again as I had been considering this as something to do each deipnon. 

During the Rite, I libated wine, water and honey into a dish and set some Hekate incense smouldering on the burner. I then delivered the poem I had devised and placed the dish of offerings on the shrine. 

I had assembled an offering of garlic, an egg, goat cheese, honey bread and a whole golden trout (I had looked for red mullet but couldn’t find any, but this looked nice and felt “right”). 

I spent some time in quiet contemplation and prayer and picked a card from my Mythic Oracle deck on which to meditate; I then closed the ritual with simple words of thanks and a final libation of wine. 

Lighting another stick of Midnight incense, I changed and prepared myself a simple meal and a glass of wine and then relaxed for the rest of the night. 

Before bed I anointed myself with some oil infused with herbs to help with opening up my mind to dreams and portents. Overnight I had some jumbled dream images, but nothing concrete. Snakes, dogs, candle flames, smoke and the sound of a heartbeat. Nothing was very clear but still interesting, even if it was only my brain trying to make sense of the day’s events.

Today I removed the offerings from the shrine and left a red rose in their place, deposited the food and libations outside onto the ground where Nature can take them up.


"Torch-bearing Hekate holy daughter of great-bosomed Nyx (Night)."

~Greek Lyric IV Bacchylides, Frag 1B

For the Deipnon
Hekate Triformis

During the course of this month's Deipnon (which I will write up in full at a later time) I did a lot of impromptu creative things such as a colouring meditation and the composition of a poem which I would like to share with you now...

Crowned in star-fire,

Robed in Cosmos

Standing before, behind, between.

Hold aloft Your flaming brands

Celestial Guide!

Radiance – spectral and effulgent –

Glorifies Your form

The sound of flames, thunder

And howling dogs

Melodic their primal song.

Serpents of fire

Phantom hounds

And torch-bearing nymphs attend Thee.

You keep the keys to our souls,

Enclosed in self-made prisons.

You shine a light on the darkest depths

Open the door

Release us into Your light

Your love.

Freedom – Yours to give and to take

As is all mankind’s lots.

With sacred words and scented smoke

By the flicker of candle flames

I bring You due honours,

Titan Queen!

Hekate: Her Sacred Fires
Hekate&#39;s Torch

After nearly two weeks of waiting, I’ve finally got my hands on Hekate: Her Sacred Fires! 

It is a colossal book in many senses; both the size and content and the sheer magnitude of the project and I have also been asked to review it for the Autumn Equinox issue of Eternal Haunted Summer, which I’m looking forward to doing.

I should have had it yesterday but alas, as the Fates are wont to do, I went out for the day to visit relatives and the postman came after I left and took the parcel back to the depot. But my partners were very gracious in getting it for me this morning, whilst I waited in for my iphone to be delivered! 

I have read the introduction so far, and plan to devour the rest of the book consistently and wholly over the next few days of my week off. What at 308 pages at A4 size it is a mammoth read filled with a wide array of essays, rituals, artwork and of course reflections of a Goddess whose worship spans the ages.

Staring Me In The Face(s)
Hekate&#39;s Wheel

I just realised something. 

A couple of months ago I took a bank holiday break away with my guys to Norwich and whilst there I bought a lovely – and large – box wood framed batik print that was going for a great price in a clearance sale.

Now since then, said print hasn’t found a home yet as I am trying to find a piece of wall large enough, but it’s propped against the wall and I noticed the other night how spookily Hekatean the subject matter is, however abstract.

Judge for yourselves...

Dog Days Addendum
Hekate&#39;s Hound

I have just placed a vase of fresh flowers on Hekate’s shrine and several dogs have started barking in the immediate area...!

Dog Days
Hekate&#39;s Hound

Since the 27th and the Rite of Her Sacred Fires I have been seeing dogs everywhere. Now I live in a pretty dog-free area; never see many, never hear any but since Thursday night I have seen loads! The biggest “thrill” is the way they look at me. I’ve never felt 100% easy around dogs but when they’ve looked at me lately they have a quizzical, “knowing” look on their faces.

Just today I saw a woman walking three beautiful greyhounds and less than 15mins later I saw two adorable puppies.

This is capped by a dream I had last night about being given a dog by a stranger. It wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary (like most of my dreams usually are) and for a while after waking I wasn’t sure if it was a dream or a memory. But I was just out walking and saw a man with a striking huskie sitting next to him. As I walked passed the dog got up and walked over to me and I placed my hand out and it sniffed and liked it.

I commented the man on how beautiful she (I felt the dog was female) was and he just had a small wry smile and said “she’s yours” and turned to walk away. Flabbergasted, I stuttered to respond and asked him what he meant but all he said was “she’s yours” and continued to leave. The dog sat nearby looking serenely with piercing blue eyes. When I turned I saw my boyfriend Darren was with me and I told him about the dog and he said I couldn’t keep it, that we weren’t having any more pets (I have two cats and some fish currently).

Looking at the dog still sitting patiently I turned a said I had to keep her, that she was a gift and that it was my responsibility now. After that, I think I must have woken up.

With these thoughts of dogs and Hekate floating around in my brain, I went to the supermarket and on the way out I saw a collection point for offerings of dog food for a local pet charity. So I went back into the store, picked up two tins of dog food, paid and then deposited them in the box. Just my little nod and thanks once again to Hekate.

Words of Devotion
Hekate&#39;s Torch

Whilst I contemplate on what to write next, I went back over some of my past writing and I found the following piece which hasn’t seen the light of day before. I find it quite fitting that it reflects somewhat how I was feeling before participating in the Rite of Her Sacred Fires on 27th May and now “I take my first steps in a new direction” so I offer it here to Hekate and any who find comfort and wisdom in the words...



I stand before You at the gate
Enodia, Empylios.
I am but the Fool at the crossroads
Triodotis, Trevia.
My path is blocked, I have lost the map
Hegemonen, Kleidouchos.
I fail to see the signs, the path in front of me
Phosphoros, Dadophoros.
Flame flickers, Your face is grim
Brimo, Agriope.
But fear is gone, I supplicate myself before You
Krataiis, Megiste.
You are my Goddess, I Your charge
Angelos, Propolos.
My heart swells with my devotion
Antaia, Despoina.
Radiance bathes my confusion and opens my eyes
Liparokrêdemnos, Soteira.
I take my first steps in a new direction with You.

Hail Hekate!


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